Artist Abroad

Hand Layered Mixed Media Art by Denise Buisman Pilger

MTL F1_Montreal Formula One Red Bull Racing Vettel Art



Pointe Claire II Montreal Mixed media cityscape.jpg

Pointe Claire II


NYC Diner_New York Mixed media urban artwork

NYC Diner

Landmark 1_Oratoire Saint Joseph Montreal Art.jpg
Landmark 2_New York mixed media art
Halifax_mixed media cityscape art
Petit Paris_Mixed media Art
Montreal_Montreal mixed media cityscape art.jpg
Mont Tremblant_Mixed media city scape Laurentians Art
Vancouver_Mixed media cityscape artwork
Yellow Cab 06_New York mixed media art
Montreal2_mixed media cityscape painting
Seattle_Mixed media cityscape artwork
Pointe Claire I_Montreal mixed media cityscape art
Roofs over Venice_Italy mixed media art

Pointe Claire I

Landmark 2

Landmark 1



Petit Paris

Roofs over Venice

Yellow Cab 06


Mont Tremblant

Montréal 2


River View_Montreal mixed media cityscape

River View

Skyscrapers_Mixed media painting Chrysler Building New York


View of the City_Toronto Skyline mixed media cityscape

View of the City

Little Montreal Umbrellas_Mixed media cityscape

Little Montreal Umbrellas

Rushing Home_Mixed media art Toronto Cityscape

Rushing Home

Unexpected Beauty_Mixed media art fire hydrant red

Unexpected Beauty - Montréal QC

Royal Ride

Perfect Timing

Square Shadows


Take 5

Morning Commute

Morning Commute Amsterdam Holland mixed media cityscape

Different Destinations

Art in Passing

Summer Stroll Paris cityscape

Summer Stroll

NYC Traffic Urban mixed media

NYC Traffic

Fire Hydrant 5_Blue and yellow fine art

Fire Hydrant 5 - Dallas TX

Traversing The City

Itsy Bitsy

Island Friend

Relic from the old days_Blue phonebox art

Relic from the Old Days - Belgium

Red and yellow Fire Hydrant 2_mixed media art

Fire Hydrant 2 - Montréal QC

Viewpoints 8_red suitcase NYC

Viewpoints 7

Road Trip


Destination Celebration

Dots & Ding Dings

Rebel in Rome

Risky Ride

Glad to be Here

City Street Montreal mixed media art

City Street

Venice Vision mixed media painting

Venice Vision

Parked for a Drink_Italy Rome Vespa

Parked for a Drink - Rome

Viewpoints 5_Dutch bycicle and red roses painting

Viewpoints 5

Viewpoints 3_Pink roses on green wall mixed media

Viewpoints 3

Industrial Sunset_Montreal mixed media cityscape

Industrial Sunset

Skyscrapers 3_NYC urban art

Skyscrapers 3

25 Liberty

British Buggy

Heading Home

Toronto Travelers

Daring Doves

Against the Grain

Downtown Diva

Cycle City

Dutch Crossing

Bathe (浴) in Beauty