Artist Abroad

Hand Layered Mixed Media Art by Denise Buisman Pilger


Mixed Media on Wood  

36" x 24"  | 92 cm x 61 cm  

Collector: Glenn Rubinoff: "I am enjoying both pieces as I have one piece in my office (Take 5) and one piece at home (Royal Ride). It does evoke a certain contemplative feeling when I am sitting at looking at it over the dinner table at home. The history combined with the buzz of activity is very soothing as a medium."

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The images I used in this painting came from a special trip to the city of Haarlem for a commission piece. I walked the city with my client so he could show me all the special places he'd like to have incorporated in his painting. Of course I took way more photographs then I needed so I had plenty of extra material to work with. The red carpet you see in the painting was actually installed all throughout the downtown area for some special event in the city that week, it is not something that is usually there so, lucky me!

This mixed media painting on wood is created using a combination of image transfer and acrylic paints and mediums together with textured papers. The artwork comes with a wire on the back for hanging, it is signed on the front and has title, date, artist name and a signed certificate of authenticity from the artist on the back.

Be advised that colors and brightness depend on your monitor and the digital picture may be slightly different from the original work of art.

The artist retains all reproduction and copyrights.

Morning Commute Amsterdam Holland mixed media cityscape