Artist Abroad

Hand Layered Mixed Media Art by Denise Buisman Pilger

Dagblad van Almere Artist Abroad_72dpi

Denise Buisman would love to do something in the arts after she’s done with school. She knows that finding a job in this field will not be easy. Her parents would rather see her go for a ‘real’ profession. But despite all that she’s -dreaming of going to art school after finishing high school.

The walls of her ‘studio’, a hobby room she shares with her sister, are covered in recent work. Mostly sketches. By participating in ‘Kunstbende’ she wants to find out if she has any talent. She thinks she does but she would like to hear  other people’s opinion. During the regionals she will be exhibiting a big oil painting of a winged horse flying to freedom. Freedom is this year’s theme because of the 50 year anniversary of the end of the second world war. ‘Kunstbede’ gives young aspiring artists the opportunity to show off their skills. Last year Denise participated in the category acting with a group of friends. This year she will be entering in the design category as well.

When school’s out she’d like to start painting right away “Yeah, sometimes I’d rather paint then do my homework. But I will force myself to finish my schoolwork first. Painting doesn’t always work though, I have to be in the right mood.”She can’t resist sketching though. “I sketch when I’m on vacation as well, then I make sketches on the beach. How will I do at the regionals? I have no idea but I hope I’ll do well.”

You can still enter the regional competition of ‘kunstbende’ until April 22. The Flevoland regionals will be held on the evening of Saturday May 13th at the ‘Kubus’ in Lelystad (Agorabaan). It will start at 6pm. For more information you can call Lesley Harris or Mirjam Cloosterman; 03200-21524

Dagblad van Almere Artist Abroad_72dpi


“Sometimes I rather paint then do my homework"