Artist Abroad

Hand Layered Mixed Media Art by Denise Buisman Pilger

Cities Through My Eyes

Montréal-based artist Denise Buisman Pilger presented her unique view of the familiar urban landscape in a solo exhibition titled “Cities Through My Eyes” at Latitude 44 Gallery. The exhibition featured the artist’s most recent works in which she presented a series of condensed memories of her travels. A frequent traveler, Denise continues to be inspired by the urban landscape and the people that populate it. Cities Through My Eyes gave people the opportunity to see the city through her eyes. “I love to observe city life, all the cars and people rushing by, I always like to imagine where all those people are going and what their lives are like,” she said. In her work, Denise captures those moments, giving us a chance to ponder and make up stories of our own. “We are looking forward to following her work in the upcoming years. It will be interesting to see its development as she starts exploring a whole new continent and culture,” said Latitude 44 Gallery directors Mary Ann DiBernardo and Janet DiBernardo. For more information, visit

Janet and artist Denise - Photo by Karma Tsetar.

Denise with one of her favourite paintings

Photo by Karma Tsetar.

Denise gives a tour of her work - Photo by Karma Tsetar.

Sho & Ashton - Photo by Karma Tsetar.

Photo by Karma Tsetar.